Our Services

Our Services


We dry clean and launder your garments using detergents and gentle solvents that are safe for you and for the environment. Our 7-point quality check system ensures that each order receives the care and attention that our customers deserve.




Wedding Gown Preservation ensures that after many wedding anniversaries, your dress will look as fresh as it did on your special day. We employ state of the art cleaning processes developed by one of the industry's most well known wedding gown preservation to ensure your prized garment is safe.




We provide superb shirt laundering for your garments. We use only detergents that produce a clean and fresh finish for the whitest whites and brightest colors. Our inspectors ensure your shirts are the cleanest they can be with no wrinkles and no missing or broken buttons.

Complete hand finishing is available upon request for high end couture shirts!

Leather, Suede & FurLEATHER, SUEDE & FUR

Your delicate special fabrics take extra special care. With leather, suede and fur, we take precautions to ensure they are cleaned properly without damaging the delicate nature of these items.

Wash & FoldWASH & FOLD

We offer wash, dry & fold by the pound.

We know how to wash and dry your laundry so whites and colors are just the way they should be; clean and fresh. We wash and fold t-shirts, jeans, towels, sheets, etc. to allow you extra time to do the things you'd rather be doing instead of washing and folding clothes!


Comforters collect dust, germs and allergens. They cling to your comforters and cannot be removed with home washing unless extremely hot water is used which can be damaging to your fine fabrics. Our eco-friendly wet cleaning method will remove harmful allergens, germs and bacteria from your household fabrics to help sanitize your home without polluting the environment.

Stuffed Animals & Plush ToysSTUFFED ANIMALS & PLUSH TOYS

We know your children's toys are not only their friend, but often their security. It is with this in mind that we offer stuffed animal and plush toy cleaning. You want your child's friend to be clean, safe and germ free! Our organic cleaning process ensures that your goals are met, while ensuring that favorite stuffed animal remains clean and stain free!

Pick-up & Delivery ServicePICK-UP & DELIVERY SERVICE

Our Pick-up and Delivery service is great for single parents, working professionals or anyone that wants to save time with their laundry. We will pick-up from your home or office and get back to you in time for that special meeting or date that you have planned.